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Aquanor Ice Fresh

Aquanor Ice Fresh is a premier producer, importer and distributor of quality seafood based in Boston, MA. 

Simply The Finest 


Aquanor Ice Fresh is a premier importer, distributor and marketer of the finest quality fresh seafood.

Through partnerships with global leaders in seafood production, we are able to fulfill the needs of our customers with a consistent supply of the finest seafood from the world's best fishing grounds. From source to market, Aquanor's customers know they are receiving Simply the Finest ® seafood from a supplier they can trust.


Aquanor Ice Fresh is proud to offer Simply the Finest ® brand of fresh seafood products. Focused on supplying only the best fresh seafood, Aquanor works with the industry's leading producers to provide its customers with the highest quality seafood and impeccable customer service.


Arctic Charr


Atlantic Cod

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Wianno Oysters



Vertical integration - UA
Arctic Charr Farm and Production
White Fish Production - Dalvik


Aquanor Marketing, Inc., is committed to the sustainable harvesting of wild and aquacultured fisheries, the responsible use of natural resources and the overall health of consumers Partnered with a network of suppliers dedicated to the same environmentally conscious ideals, all Aquanor Brand seafood products are sourced from reputable, traceable fisheries that support long-term sustainability efforts. With a clear understanding of the specific location and methods with all of our products are harvested and produced, Aquanor continues to make purchasing decisions based not only on the quality of the product, but also the viability of the environment to support such efforts. Simply put, Aquanor is Simply the Finest ® and Simply Sustainable.®

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