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Atlantic Cod

Gadus morhua



Fresh - Trawl or Liner Caught

Conventional sizing available daily

Frozen - Trawl or Liner Caught

Frozen at sea 

See more below 

Availability: Year-Round


Aquanor Fresh Atlantic Cod are harvested in the natural, unspoiled waters of Iceland's 200 mile fishing zone. Carefully managed under the nation's strict responsible fisheries regulations, these waters are most notably the richest and cleanest fishing grounds in the world. Available long-line or trawler caught, chefs enjoy this versatile whitefish for its mild sweet flavor and plump, delicate and flaky white texture. Purchased daily on the Icelandic auction, Aquanor provides only the freshest, superior quality Atlantic Cod year-round.

We also offer multiple Frozen and Frozen at sea options form our new partners in Iceland. See videos of production and product selection below. 

FRESH (Graded to customer requirements)

Packaging: 10 lbs and 15lbs

Formats: Loins Fillets Cod Tongues Loin, Portion and Tail Cuts Back Fillets


FROZEN (Graded to customer requirements)

Packaging: Bulk Containers: 5, 10, 20, 500 kg bagged in cartons IQF, IVP, Retail Bag, Skinpack Formats: Portion Cuts Tails Loin Cuts Back Fillets Tongues

Block: 160*16,5 lbs Mince: 160*16,5 lbs Migas Formed Shapes


Country of Origin: Iceland Barents Sea Catch: Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, France, Portugal, Faroe Islands Packaging: 2*9 kg, 3*15 lbs Formats: Fillets (skinless, pinbone in) Fillets (skin on, pinbone in) Fillets (skinless, pinbone out)

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White Fish

White Fish

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