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Dover Sole

Solea solea

Graded: 10-12 oz 18-20 oz 12-14 ox 20-24 oz 14-16 oz 24-28 oz 18-16 oz

Details: Whole/Head-on/Gutted

Packaging: Packed in ice in 10 kilo styros


Availability: Year Round

Fresh from Holland

Aquanor Genuine Holland Dover Sole is the creme-de-la-creme of premium fish. From the best fishing grounds in the North Sea, these prized whole-gutted fish are flown to Boston and sold to the most discriminating seafood purveyors. For the true gourmand, these beautiful whole fish are carefully prepared and traditionally filleted tableside.One of the most coveted seafood products, Aquanor Genuine Holland Dover Sole is Simply the Finest!

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