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Arctic Charr


Salvelinus alpinus

Fresh Whole Arctic Charr

Graded: 2-2.5, 2-4, 4-6,6-8, 8-10 lbs.
Details: Fresh/Whole/Head-on
Packed: X 50 lbs. cw. in styrofoam box

Fresh Arctic Charr Fillets

Graded: 8-10, 12-14, 14-16, 16+ oz.
Details: Fresh/PBO/Skin-on/”C” Trim
Packed: X10 lbs. cw. in styrofoam box

Availability: Year-Round


Aquanor Arctic Charr is a unique strain of saltwater charr sustainably farm-raised in Iceland. Often compared to salmon and trout, Aquanor Arctic Charr has a distinct, sweet buttery flavor and firm pink flesh that sets it apart from other salmonoids on the market. Raised in above ground tanks using a blend of pure Icelandic spring water, seawater, and geothermal water, these fish are grown in superb conditions mirroring that of their natural environment. Carefully monitored throughout all stages of growth and production, this fish is produced by the nation's leading supplier of arctic charr. Flavorful and easy to prepare, Aquanor Arctic Charr from Iceland is available fresh from harvest year round.


Arctic Charr is a heart-healthy fish full of Omega-3’s, low in sodium and an excellent source of protein. A healthy and sustainable seafood option, this low calorie fish has been rated “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium, “Eco-Best” by the Environmental Defense Fund, and “Excellent Choice” by the New England Aquarium.



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